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Email: xu_shengli@bti.a-star.edu.sg
Organization: Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI), A*STAR
Affiliated Organizations : National University of Singapore (NUS)

Tel : 64070026
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Keywords :
B lymphocyte differentiation and malignancy
Signal transduction mediated by immune receptors

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Summary :
Research Area : Cellular Immunology
Immunology: Others
Tumour Immunology
Education :
PhD 2003 National University of Singapore Singapore
Master 1994 Nankai University China
Bachelor 1991 Nankai University China
Scientific Appointment :
Adjunct Assistant Professor 2010-Current Department of Physiology, NUS Singapore
Research Scientist 2008-Current Bioprocessing Technology Institute Singapore
Senior Research Fellow 2006-2008 Singapore Immunology Network Singapore
Research Associate 2006-2006 Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Singapore
Research Fellow 2003-2006 Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Singapore


Author Title Journal Year Vol: Page
Huo, J., Xu, S., Lam, K. P. FAS apoptosis inhibitory molecule regulates T cell receptor-mediated apoptosis of thymocytes by modulating AKT activation and NUR77 expression. J BIOL CHEM 2010 11827-37
Xu, S.; Huo, J.; Gunawan, M.; Su, I. H.; Lam, K. P. Activated dectin-1 localizes to lipid raft microdomains for signaling and activation of phagocytosis and cytokine production in dendritic cells. J BIOL CHEM 2009 22005-11
Xu,S.; Huo,J.; Lee,K.G.; Kurosaki,T.; Lam,K.P. Phospholipase Cgamma2 is critical for Dectin-1-mediated Ca2+ flux and cytokine production in dendritic cells J BIOL CHEM 2009 284(11): 7038-7046
Huo,J.; Xu,S.; Guo,K.; Zeng,Q.; Lam,K.P. Genetic deletion of faim reveals its role in modulating c-FLIP expression during CD95-mediated apoptosis of lymphocytes and hepatocytes CELL DEATH DIFFER 2009 16(7): 1062-1070
Lee, K.G., Xu, S and Lam, K-P Bruton's tyrosine kinase separately regulates NFkappaB p65RelA activation and cytokine IL-10/IL-12 production in TLR 9-stimulated B cells J BIOL CHEM 2008 283(17): 11189-11198
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Xu, S., and Lam, K.-P Delayed cellular maturation and decreased immunoglobulin k light chain production in immature B lymphocytes lacking B cell linker protein. J EXP MED 2002 196(2):197-206
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Xu, S., Tan, J. E.-L., Wong, E. P.-Y., Manickam, A., Ponniah, S. and Lam, K.-P B cell development and activation defects resulting in xid-like immunodeficiency in BLNK/SLP-65-deficient mice INT IMMUNOL 2000 12(3): 397-404
Xu, S., Wong, S.-C., and Lam, K.-P B cell linker protein is dispensable for the allelic exclusion of immunoglobulin heavy chain locus but required for the persistence of CD5+ B cells J IMMUNOL 2000 165(8): 4153-4157