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Email: liuzj@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg
Organization: Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*STAR
Tel : 64191417
URL : www.ihpc.a-star.edu.sg
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Keywords :
Finite Element
Numerical Simulation
Thin Film Mechanics. Biomechanics.
Solid Mechanics

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Summary :
Research Area : Automotive Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Electronic Devices
Industrial Design
Marine Engineering
Materials Joining
Medical Device Engineering
Microelectromechanical Sys (MEMS)
Solid Mechanics
Structural Mechanics
Thermodynamics Engineering
Education :
PhD 2009 National University of Singapore Singapore
Master 2001 National University of Singapore Singapore
Master 1994 TongJi University China
Bachelor 1984 TianJIn University China
Scientific Appointment :
Senior Scientist 2012-Current IHPC Singapore
Scienist III 2010-2012 IHPC Singapore
Research Scientist 2009-2010 IHPC Singapore
Senior Research Engineer 2000-2009 IHPC Singapore
Research Engineer 1996-2000 NUS Singapore
Project Officer 1994-1995 NTU Singapore
Lecturer 1988-1994 TongJi University China

Employment History

Designation Duration Organization Country
Senior Scientist 2012-Current IHPC Singapore
Scientist III 2010-2012 IHPC Singapore
Research Scientist 2009-2010 IHPC Singapore
Senior Research Engineer 2000-2009 IHPC Singapore
Research Engineer 1996-2000 NUS Singapore
Project Officer 1994-1995 NTU Singapore


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