Welcome to the Singapore Researchers Database!
The Singapore Researchers Database ("the Database") is envisioned as a directory of "Who's Who" of the researchers working in Singapore. An ongoing effort by A*STAR, the Database is intended to showcase Singapore's biomedical sciences and science and engineering expertise and capabilities, create opportunities for local and overseas collaboration and serve as a useful resource for students interested in research.

About the Database

The Database compiles information of biomedical and science and engineering researchers and clinicians working in Singapore who are:
  • 1. Principal Investigators of peer-reviewed grants (e.g. grants from BMRC, SERC, NMRC, Academic Research Funds, etc.); or Research Group / Laboratory Leaders in Singapore-based research institutions.
  • 2. If you meet the above conditions and would like to be listed in the database, please Sign-Up. Upon successful verification of your particulars, you will receive further instructions to submit other details of your research profile on the site.

Researcher Profiles

Each researcher must submit the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Organization
  • Email
  • Research Area(s)

In addition, each researcher may choose to sbmit the following categories of information:
  • Scientific Appointments
  • Education
  • Top Ten Publications
  • Prizes/Awards
  • Patents
  • International editorships / advisorships

All participating researchers are strongly encouraged to review and Update their individual profiles whenever necessary to maintain accuracy and relevance of the information maintained in the Database.


The Database will be a rich resource for scientists, students, media, the general public and funding agencies, as it will:
  • Showcase Singapore‚Äôs research expertise.
  • Identify experts in specific fields for participation in conferences, symposia, reviewing and consultation purposes.
  • Assess strengths and gaps in different research areas, facilitating manpower development.
  • Promote local & international collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Enable students interested in scientific research to learn more about the various research and development activities and opportunities.

Terms of Use

Submission of data to and/or use of the Database constitute your unqualified acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions of use of the Database.